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Welcome to  is the a new website from Griyasari Tours & Travel, Bali and Negara AG Switzerland.
Together with our other website “” we are one of the best online wellness and spa resources in Asia.
On our websites you find all the information you need for a perfect wellness and spa experiance.
With our wellness booking system and our call center you are able to book your wellness and spa treatments in advance, often with discounts and free transfers to the spa.  Feel free to check it out !

Sor spa & Treatment bookings:

Please check here our spa and treatment booking informations



FAQ for Spa Users:

What is your mission?

We intend to list every spa, massage salon, wellness business, resort spas throughout the entire Bali region. Everything from the small local salon offering a basic massage up to the extensive treatment programs at the new super luxurious spa resorts that are opening throughout a regular basis.  In Bali almost every hotel, no matter how many stars it may have, has its own spa. Before your book your hotel for your next Bali holiday, check here to see what spa facilities they have to offer, and what other alternatives there are in the immediate area. By contact the wellness business directly you are able to book your treatments ahead and have no hussel and bussel to find your spa in your valueable holiday.

How I can find a Spa near me?

Please use our Google Maps integration to find your nearest spa.  On you can type your current location on in the map and it will gives you the route to the specific wellness business or spa.


How can I book a spa treatment at a specific spa?

There are different option to book your spa treatment, you can contact the Spa directly by e-mail or phone. If you click the button “Contact Busines Owner” . you can user our booking form on the right side of the listing or the booking form at the treatments section.  Or you can call our callcenter at   +62- 361 7445880  or call the spa directly,  telephon numbers should be shown on the top of the page.
We recommend you, to call our call center at  +62- 361 7445880  and we can arrange complete spa packages for you (often with discounts) and inclusive transportation to and from the spa.  You find all booking information here. 


I need more informations about the spa booking system:

Here you find all informations how you can book a wellness treatment and how does it work:
Please click here for the booking terms and informations


How much does a wellness or spa treatment cost?

If you don´t find any information on, please feel free to contact the spa directly by clicking the button “Contact Listing Owner” or call directly at the wellness busines directly.


Where are the Wellness Business / Spas are located?

Where a wellness business is situated you can check on our website, you can see the address in the description, or use google maps to see where the business is located.  Some spas are located within a hotel or villa complex.


Do I require a Credit Card to book online?

No. At most of the spas the payment is made directly to the spa or wellness business at the time of your appointment.


The Spa description is wrong, what can I do ? attempts to be as accurate as possible when describing products; however,  does not warrant that product descriptions, prices, rates, or other content available on the site are accurate, complete, reliable, current, or error-free. If a product offered on the site is not as described, or if you find some mistakes (pictures, descriptions, prices, functions, etc.) please inform us by sending an e-mail to: info(at)
Please note that will not be liable for any indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages of any kind (including lost profits) related to the site, and wellness busines, regardless of the form of action whether in contract, tort (including negligence), or otherwise, even if has been advised of the possibility of such damages.



For Spa Owners:

(For Wellness Business, Services or Spa Owners)

Step by step guide, how to list your wellness business:

1.)  Register:
First you have to register at  at:
It is free or charge.
A confirmation mail will send to your e-mail.

2.) After register,
Click on  “Submit Your Wellness Gusiness” then “List your spa” on the top side of the page or “add a spa now” on the left side of the page.

3.)  Select your listing plan
The “Basic Listing” is only for a small fee of USD 10.  If you want a featured listing (higher position, marked as featured) you can choose the “Deluxe Listing” The “deluxe listing” will cost you only USD 40.  And you can pay after submission online by PayPal (Credit Card).
On the Basic Listing you have more option to add for a small surcharge featured position on our website for a certain amount of weeks.

4.) Fill in the form:
a) First field:  The name of the spa & wellness business
b) Then fill in in the second field: Address, with Street, No,  City,  Region/State,  Country.  Klick on the “Find on Map” button.
Google Maps will locate it.  You can adjust the location by mooving the locator with the mouse.
c) Choose one location (e.g. Kuta & Tuban)
d) Fill in contact information: Telephone, If you have Facebook, Twitter, Google+ account, you can fill in. But it is optional.
The e-mail is allready in, because at the registration you use it.
e) Choose some pictures of your welness business, by searching your computer and picture library.
f) Important:  Write a full description of your Wellness busines like and decribe the facillities, services, maybe treatments, etc…
g) In the fiel “Tags” you can write some keywords, that will help others to find your wellness business in the search modus.  Like: City, Your Spa-Name, Region, etc.
That´s it.
h) Don´t forget to click on the “Next Spep” button !

After you click on “Next Step”: you get a:

5.) Summary.  If you have choose the “Basic Listing” it will show that this submit is for free ( USD 0)
If you choos the “Deluxe Listing” it will show you now the summery of your advertising cost  (USD 10

6.) Finish the your spa submission with  “Continue to Listing”.
Or, if you have choose the basic or deluxe plan or some featured option it will take you to a PayPal account where you pay your featured listing (advertising) at

7.) Aproove.  After we have proove your listing (This could take up to 48 hours) your business listing will be online and will be shown at  at your choosen Region and Category.

That´s it !!!


What are the benefits of my listing at ?

Benefits of a listing at our website:

Find here to download our BaliWellnessGuide PDF proposal:  BaliWellnessGuide_Proposal

Since Bali has been voted the world’s number one wellness & spa destination, more and more visitors are coming to Bali for wellnesss, healing, yoga and spa holidays.
Our website is the perfect guide for visitors seeking the wellness and spa facilities of Bali.

Since just few month has become the leading online spa directory for Bali.
With hundreds of visitors per day to our online spa and wellness directory we can help you attract new customers to your spa facilities.

Today we are offering a listing of your spa in our Bali wellness directory at a special price!
For only USD 40 you get your spa listed in our directory.

We help you to get new customers and increase your profit!

There are so many of benefits of promote your spa business in our directory!

Promoting your business through an our olnine spa & wellness directory is a smart as well as time-saving and cost-effective business move.  It positions your spa business among the leading providers.


Why should you list your spa to ?

There are so many of benefits for your listing your spa business at our Spa & Wellness Directory “”!

Some of the benefits are listed below:

– Free register option
Register free of charge at our directory and get access to our member area !

– You get your own small webpage at
With the listing of your spa business you get a mini site of your spa with pictures, description, full contact details, link to your website, Google Map location, spa treatments online booking option, customer review section, and more…

– Best online promotion
With thousend searches done every month on, being included in our directory is the quickest way to boost your exposure and bring customers in your door.
(We get over 20.000 user every month on our websites). is high quality directory for spa and wellness business in Bali, fast approval directory, human edited directory, family friendly directory and spam free directory. Your submission will be reviewed by a SEO professional quickly to suits your business listing in SEM way to boost your website ranking. Please find our latest user statistics on our website.

– Increased publicity & incease profit
Listing your business in our directory results in a good amount of publicity. From people visiting the website, from the directories themselves or via search engines. This is an excellent form of marketing and of spreading information about your spa business.
Making a profit is provocative where competition for most goods and services is intense. Being listed in BaliWellnessGuide Directory is a good way to get your name out there. People enormously use search engines and business directories to find theire spa. You need to be listed in order to have a chance for success.

– Brand Awareness
People searching for other businesses on BaliWellnessGuide will see your name in the directory will increase brand awareness. After they see your name in a few places, they’ll be more likely to visit your place.

– SEO / Search Engine Optimized listing with link to your website.
Getting listed in the BaliWellnessGuide directory generates an incoming link to your website, one of the keys to search engine optimization. It will help you to rank your website higher than others. Link popularity refers to the number, quality and relevance of inbound links from other websites to yours which is an important variable in determining search engine rankings.

– Found by search engines
Placing your business in a business directory allows you to be easily found by search engines and by people searching for information online. Search engines are used by many people in looking for information online.

– Unlimited customer leads
On average, a listing on generates over 100 customer leads each and every month. It will be better traffic for your website and interested user for your spa.

– Gaining the edge over competition
So as to surpass your competitors, you can make use of our wellness directory to increase exposure on your wellness business and its services. As a result of this you can easily increase your profit. (See next page for more benefits)

– Customer reviews
Customers can easily give feedback of your wellness services on our website. You can
use features on your website directory such as online review surveys to find out what customers
feel about certain aspects of your wellness business. Good reviews are the best promotion,
and convince new customers. Also you can improve your business and services.

– Social Network Marketing has a powerful social network that share your business listing to
drive more traffic to your site and promote your business faster.

– BaliWellnessGuide Award
For more than 10 good reviews you will receive the BaliWellnessGuide Award certificate !
See here our award example: Bali-Wellness-Guide-Award1 (click on the image)

– Customer support
When you have problems with your listing we support you by mail and phone.

– BaliWellnessGuide call center
Our call center receive many phone calls every day. We will help you to bring new customers in
your spa.

– Deluxe listing option
For only small money more you will be featured on – Search results
are sorted by region and will appear before the basic listings. (We recommend this option for
the best marketing and promotion result and to boost your spa business).

– Any time Upgrate option.
You can upgrate your listing any time. If you want the best promotion for your spa business
you can upgrate any time to our deluxe listing plan.

– Contract partner
With a contract with our partner Griyasari Travel & Tours in Bali you can reach hundreds of
Bali travellers. Griyasari will take care of the transportation to and from your spa and will bring
you new customers. Please contact us for more contract details.


Only the listing in the BaliWellnessGuide Directory provides you so many of these
advantages and benefits. It is all include the anual listing fee of only USD 40.
It is only a few clicks away to get all the benefits – And more customers and more profit !!! .

Please feel free to submit your Spa and Wellness Business at:

Click here to submit your spa and wellness business



How can I submit my spa to

You just have to click on the link “Submit your Spa“.
It will help you to promote your services and you will get new customers.
For only USD 40 you will be listed in our spa and wellness directory. !
We suggest you to choose a deluxe listing to promot your spa optimal.

My Spa is not listed after I submit my business, what happen?
If your order status reads “pending approval” please allow us to proof your listing. Usually within 48 hours your listing will apprar on  Otherwise you can contact our support at  info(at)  by e-mail.

How do I gain access to my account?

In order to gain access to your listing information you have to sign into your account. Click on “Login” which is located at the top right of the home page. If you are a returning customer, fill in the “Already have an account” information.



If you have more questions please contact us !
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Fax : +62 – 361 – 461131
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