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Long known as the ‘Island of the Gods,’ Bali is an island in Indonesia long famous for its beaches, luxe retreats, and as one of the spa capitals of the world. With a flourishing local culture, this sensuous, tropical paradise is also known for its vibrant Balinese dance and musical performances, as well as striking Hindu architecture.

Bali is also home to hundreds of spas, the entire island is a holistic, deeply healing destination. The magical mix of culture, religion and natural beauty, combined with the gentle warmth of the people, evoke powerful feelings of love and contentment. As a leading wellness destination, a growing number of retreats in Bali are all about the holistic health of its guests, answering the needs of those of us overwhelmed by urban life.

Bali is the world’s leading destination for yoga & spiritual retreats, artist workshops, yoga vacation, deep healing & serious relaxation.

Bali has, over the past few years, seen a surge in tourists, many of whom visit for the country’s burgeoning spa scene. As a result of the development of truly world-leading spa products, Asia Spa magazine recently declared Bali as Asian Spa Capital of the Year, 2010

Wellness in Bali !



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